Installing uTorrent on WHS “Vail” as Service

Works on my machineFirst of all, let me say that the credit for this post will goes to Philip Churchill. He initially posted the original article on how to install uTorrent on WHS as windows service. The idea behind to install uTorrent on the WHS is to have unattended torrent download without having user to log in to the server/computer. This guide is working perfectly for WHS V1 until WHS V2 code name “Vail”. Vail is based on latest Windows Server 2008 R2 and only available in 64bit edition. There are lot of security enhancements in the base OS prevents uTorrent to work properly as per the steps mentioned in the original article. Due to the security enhancements in Windows Server 2008 R2, we can not use Local Service OR Network Service account for uTorrent Service. Here is an workaround for making uTorrent working under WHS “Vail”.

Create User

First of all, we need to create an user account for uTorrent service account using server dashboard.

WHS Vail - Dashboard

WHS Vail – Dashboard


Open server dashboard and navigate to Users tab. Invoke Add a User Account wizard by clicking Add a user account link in Users Tasks pane.

WHS Vail - Create user wizard 1

WHS Vail – Create user wizard 1


Once the wizard opens, fill the appropriate information in the first step and proceed to next by clicking on Next button.

WHS Vail - Create user wizard 2

WHS Vail – Create user wizard 2


In second step, don’t assign any permissions to any shared folder to the user account.

WHS Vail - Create user wizard 3

WHS Vail – Create user wizard 3


Also do not allow remote access and finish the wizard by clicking Create account button.

Create Shared folder

in next step, we need to create a shared folder for uTorrent download data. To do so, invoke Add a Folder wizard using the task pane in Server Folders.

WHS Vail - Create shared folder wizard 1

WHS Vail – Create shared folder wizard 1


In first step of wizard, give share name and description and proceed to next step by clicking Next button.

WHS Vail - Create shared folder wizard 2

WHS Vail – Create shared folder wizard 2


In second step, click on Specific people to assign permissions to our uTorrent service account.

WHS Vail - Create shared folder wizard 3

WHS Vail – Create shared folder wizard 3


Assign permission as per above screen shot and finish the wizard by clicking Add folder button to complete the folder creation process.

Install uTorrent

Download uTorrent and start installation wizard accept all default options but but don’t install shortcuts to the desktop, start menu, and quick launch bar as they will not be necessary. After completion of installation, uTorrent should launch automatically. Configure uTorrent as per the settings which we used for WHS V1. Don’t forget to enable WebUI in uTorrent options.

Create Windows Service

To create windows service, login to Vail console using Remote Desktop Connection. Copy srvany.exe from Windows Server2003 Resource Kit to uTorrent install folder. Now open command prompt and run sc.exe with following parameters to create service.

sc create uTorrent binPath= “C:Program Files (x86)uTorrentsrvany.exe” displayName= “uTorrent”

WHS Vail - Create windows service

WHS Vail – Create windows service

NOTE: Please note that there is a space after equal sign.

If all goes well then you will get [SC] CreateService SUCCESS feedback in command prompt.

Now we need to create a .Reg file using notepad and paste in the 3 lines of code below.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

“Application”=”C:Program Files (x86)utorrentutorrent.exe”

Save file as service.reg and merge this in to registry by double clicking the newly created .reg file.

Configure uTorrent Service

Now click the Start button and open Services console from Administrative Tools >Services. Find uTorrent right-click and select Properties.

Select the Log On tab. Click the This account button and enter WHS as the This account and enter the Password you setup earlier for this user account and confirm the Password.

uTorrent - Service account properties

uTorrent – Service account properties


OK out and close the Services dialog.

For user profile to be created, we need to start the service and stop so we get the profile folder for the user we created earlier. Next, we need to copy the uTorrent settings from the Administrator profile to the uTorrent User profile. Go to “C:UsersAdministratorAppData”. Copy the “uTorrent” directory to “C:Users<Torrent_User>AppData”. Now when the service starts, it will have all the settings ready and waiting to download.

Now its time for downloading. You can access the web interface by navigating http://server:port/gui/.

For further details and know about how to install uTorrent on WHS V1 refer Scott Duff – Autumn Walker, Philip Churchill –, Drashna –

Happy downloading from Vail…

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  1. By Installing uTorrent on Vail 5 years ago

    […] Pravesh Soni has an update to an article we wrote back in 2007 on installing uTorrent on Windows Home Server. Pravesh has updated the article for Vail and installs uTorrent as a service, which you can find here. […]

  2. By Jadehawk 5 years ago

    Don’t have Vail Yet, Just started with a HP EX490 Server but thank you for all the info on your site ..

    • By Pravesh Soni 5 years ago

      Thanks for sharing the info on your site.

  3. By tkg 5 years ago

    HI, i have followed this guide to the letter but when i copy and paste the command line information in and press enter i receive the following:

    Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7600]
    Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    C:UsersAdministrator>sc create uTorrent binPath= “C:Program Files (x86)u
    entsrvany.exe” displayName= “uTorrent”
    Creates a service entry in the registry and Service Database.
    sc create [service name] [binPath= ] …

    NOTE: The option name includes the equal sign.
    A space is required between the equal sign and the value.
    (default = own)
    (default = demand)
    (default = normal)
    (default = LocalSystem)


    any suggestions on what is happing?


    • By Pravesh Soni 5 years ago

      Check your command line options in creating service the path of uTorrent.exe is incorrect.

    • By midspace 5 years ago

      there is something wrong with copy and pasting, either the spaces or the carriage returns.  Type the command out manually.

  4. By Anonymous 5 years ago

    I can never get this to work on mine. If I try to manually start the service, Windows will automatically stop it.

    • By Pravesh Soni 5 years ago

      If service is stopped then it might be the case that the service profile folder does not contain the uTorrent config folder.

      • By Arthurteale 5 years ago

        same issue, how would i fix this?

        • By Pravesh Soni 5 years ago

          Check your steps as mentioned in the port. Might be you are missing something..

  5. By Lemony Vengeance 5 years ago

    This walkthrough is ALMOST right.. except when it gets to the reg key part.

    “Application”=”C:Program Filesutorrentutorrent.exe”

    Needs to say

    “Application”=”C:Program Files(x86)utorrentutorrent.exe”

    I corrected this and BAM! Service stays started.

    • By Pravesh Soni 5 years ago

      Thanks for pointing out the error in my typo

  6. By Anonymous 5 years ago

    Thanks for this tutorial. I’m getting stuck when I try to merge the registry key.

    It says that it imports the new value just fine but when I go to start the service it stops immediately. As well, when I navigate to the where the registry key should be, there are no values in the Parameters folder.

    Can you please show what your registry looks like?


    • By Anonymous 5 years ago

      I figured it out. I had to manually enter the Application Parameter. I looked here

      and then realized that I was entering the path to the utorrent executable with the quotation marks. That was screwing it up. No quotes and no double back slashes and you’re all good!

      Thanks so much!

      • By Tx_foy 5 years ago

        I am having the same start and stop issue you are, I seem to be having a little trouble with the registry. I read the link you provided, but i’m a little lost as to how to edit the parameters. Any guidance would be appreciated

        • By Anonymous 5 years ago

          Open the registry and then navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesuTorrentParameters. Create a new string value named Application and change its value to C:Program Files(x86)utorrentutorrent.exe.

          • By Rbreen 4 years ago

            Change its value to:
            C:Program Files (x86)uTorrentutorrent.exe

  7. By Tx_foy 5 years ago

    I have followed everything to the letter, but the service wont stay started.

  8. By Installing uTorrent on Windows Home Server 2011 | 5 years ago

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  9. By Arian Kulp 5 years ago

    I hope you’re still monitoring this!  I have the service installed and I can confirm in Task Manager that uTorrent.exe is running, but it never does anything.  New torrents don’t get picked up, and I can’t connect to it remotely.  If I just double-click the shortcut, then it runs fine, picks up torrents, and responds remotely.  I copied the profile over, set the service account to match, etc.  Any thoughts on what else I could check, or if there’s a log from uTorrent somewhere that I could check?

  10. By RichSpalding 5 years ago

    There’s something wrong with the services.reg step in this guide. Instead I used the below guide to manually add the correct string to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesuTorrentParameters” via Run >> RegEdit

  11. By Chrisb 5 years ago

    Hi cheers for the guide, I’ve made a few attempts at getting this to work and am having an issue.  I can get it to work using the Local System account but when I get the service to use the logon I created it doesn’t work, the service starts and is confirmed running via Task Manager but when I try the webui I get… “There was a problem installing µTorrent WebUI, please see the µTorrent log for more details”….

    Any ideas

    • By Pravesh Soni 5 years ago

      You can manually install WebUI. Download from utorrent site and copy it to C:UsersAdministratorAppDatauTorrent folder.

      • By Chrisb 5 years ago

        Many thanks for the quick reply, I tired that option already copying to the admin and the specially created Torrent user folder but still the same problem.  As I said, the webui works if the service is set to run under the Local System account which leads me to think it might be the permissions of the specifically created Torrent account, should this user be a member of any particular group?

        • By Chrisb 5 years ago

          Just an update, I added my Torrent account to the Administrators group and the webui works so it’s a permission issue with the Torrent account.  Obviously assigning the Torrent account to the Admin group is not very secure, so is there a different group that this account can be added to?

  12. By Tad Delude 4 years ago

    Thanks a lot for your hard work! Much appreciated!

    I had a problem where the service wouldn’t start on startup without an account login. Here is what I found. (Solved!)

    The new version of uTorrent has a problem where if you register the “utorrent remote account” as the administrator and then copy the settings over to the “torrents” windows user account utorrent manifests a popup saying that the “utorrent remote username is in use by another computer.”

    I solved this by temporarily making my “windows torrent user” an administrator, logging into the account, and letting utorrent finish it’s setup, as utorrent thought the utorrent remote account was being used under a different username. I then set it to be a normal account again. Works fine!

    • By Tad Delude 4 years ago

      Maybe I’m mistaken on what’s going on, but I was just aiming to make it work as quickly as possible.

  13. By Evan Garner 4 years ago

    I seem to be confused by the last step here.  I don’t have a folder for AppData at all.  Any ideas what I’m missing, everything els seems to have worked fine.

  14. By Dave 4 years ago

    Thanks… works great! Was trying to run (unsuccessfully as a scheduled task).  The only problem I had was finding the uTorrent folder inside AppData. It was inside the ‘Roaming’ folder (i.e. C:UsersAdministratorAppDataRoaminguTorrent).

     @evan – the AppData folder is a hidden folder inside the C:UsersAdministrator folder.

    @Tad – I use the uTorrent webUI (with a custom port number) rather than the uTorrent Remote. I can then access it from anywhere with http://:/gui/ (after forwarding the port in my router of course).

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